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Granite Worktop Cheshire

Granite worktops combine natural beauty
with timeless elegance.

Granite is extremely hardwearing and scratch resistant – the only substances that can scratch granite is diamond or stone itself – making granite an ideal material for your kitchen worktop.

A granite worktop is easy to care for, will easily outlast your kitchen units and will be a pleasure forever.

Our showroom stocks a wide range of granite and we encourage you to visit us to choose a slab for your worktop.

You choose it and we’ll cut it!

Choose your SENSA Granite Worktop Colour
International Stones Granite Worktops in Cheshire

Installation Service

Installing granite is not a job that you can do yourself since granite worktops are heavy and require more than one person
to maneuvre it into position. It also requires specialists tools for cutting and polishing.
Please ask about our Installation Service – 01925 251 295